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Ruth has won Best Original Score at the Independent Shorts Awards. It is now in the running for the yearly award, given in April.


Ruth is based on a true story. After the railroad forces her alcoholic husband to move north, Ruth DeLay­—a pregnant, destitute mother of four—desperately seeks an unregulated abortion in order for her family to survive the Great Depression.

Woody Allen's new film

Rifkin's Festival, legendary director Woody's Allen's latest film, features a scene with Rolando's music.

Here is a short plot summary which appeared in The Guardian on Sept 4, 2019: "The movie, Rifkin’s Festival, is about a couple who fall in love while in town for the San Sebastián film festival, drawing on the annual event as the backdrop to a romantic comedy."

Sophistication released

Rolando Gori and Daniel T. Curren have released their first album under the Twisted Jukebox label. Give a warm welcome to Sophistication! It is an album of classical-styled sonatinas for cello and piano. Tuneful gems meant to invoke a bygone age with a modern elegance.

The Soniq Haze

The Soniq Haze, a compositional collaboration founded by Rolando Gori and seasoned performer and multi-instrumentalist Daniel T. Curran is off and running with some new works in the works--and some about to be released. Their music ranges from hard-hitting,  epic works for hybrid orchestra to more intimate chamber pieces. Always organic, always emotional, always telling a story.

Stay tuned for more!