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Rolando Gori Composer

Rolando Gori

Composer/Producer for Film, TV and media

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What Music Means to Me

Let's make some music

It all starts with listening—really listening. Listening to the happiness behind the cheers, or the despair in a wail of sorrow; listening to an opposing view and gaining a new perspective, or being lifted by a friend's kindness; listening to the fear evoked by a crack of thunder, or the trance-like calm after its rumble fades.


When we listen to anything with care and attention, we inevitably begin a journey towards understanding and compassion, acceptance and connection.

I have traveled far, and I learned that the need to be heard is strong in everyone, and nothing like storytelling helps us get that need met. If your storytelling is done through music, as mine is, you get to speak in an abstract language and go beyond words; you get to paint images by suggesting colors through space and time; you get to elicit emotional connections through vibrations in the air.

Thank you for visiting and taking time to hear to some of my stories. I'm glad you're listening.

What's your story?

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Ro & the Stardust is Oscars qualified!

The MULTI AWARD-WINNING soundtrack to the OSCAR-QUALIFYING film, Ro & the Stardust. A free-spirited teen and her terminally ill grandmother build a rocket ship they plan to launch into outer space.

“It is enough when a single note is beautifully played.”

Arvo Pärt

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A short selection of my music below. 

For a fuller list of my releases—and where to stream them—please visit my link tree.

Music for film is here.

RoGo Music Reel
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