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"Mr. Sam" soundtrack is out

The twisted tale of Mr Sam, an undertaker who falls in love with a corpse in his morgue, is underscored by this suspenseful and emotional soundtrack.


The Caretaker features the haunting voice of counter-tenor Nicholas Tamagna.

Sophistication released

Rolando Gori and Daniel T. Curran have released their first album under the Twisted Jukebox label: Sophistication.

Taken from the late-classical/early-romantic tradition, this album is a beautifully crafted series of sonatinas for cello and piano, ranging from meditative and stately to fiery tangoesque works evoking a sultry elegance and high culture.

"Ruth" soundtrack is out

On the heels of Ruth's multiple awards and nominations, I decided to release the soundtrack to the album. Listen to the album on your favorite platform, or click below.


Both haunting and celestial, anchored in the harsh realities of life
during the height of the American Dust Bowl.

"Ruth" is a winner!

Ruth has been making quite a splash around the world, nominated and winning awards in multiple film festivals. And the kicker? So proud to have won an Outstanding Achievement Award for Original Score at the Indie Short Fest Awards 2020.


Based on a true story, Ruth is a narrative short drama. After the railroad forces her alcoholic husband to move north, Ruth DeLay­—a pregnant, destitute mother of four—desperately seeks an unregulated abortion in order for her family to survive the Great Depression.

"Mr Sam" on the festival circuit

The short film by Zeus Pictures is making its way around the festival circuit and gaining some notoriety. Click here to find out more.

Mr Sam is about an eccentric mortician whose peaceful lifestyle is about to be shattered. The music gives direct insight into the titular character's psyche. Performed by world class musicians, including Nicholas Tamagna who sang countertenor on the haunting art song  "The Caretaker", written as diegetic music for the film.